St. Thomas fraternity and youth group enjoying their Christmas party last Sunday

Last Sunday night 17/12/2017 St. Thomas fraternity and youth group enjoyed their Christmas party together celebrating “the reason of the season” the birth of our Lord with lots of enjoyable and fun programs with the presence of our beloved priests Fr. Paul Mingana and Fr. Dankha Joola.

The party had  held in Paradiso reception, and the program was full of joy, it includes: an opening speech by Fr. Paul Mingana on behalf of His Grace Mar Amel Nona who sent his best wishes to have an enjoyable night celebrating the birth of our Lord, another speech by Fr. Dankha Joola welcoming all attenders and thanking all who participated in arranging and organising the party, a beautiful part dancing with the beautiful singer Randa Yakob, A secret Santa play, Bingo, and more and more of dancing and singing with  lovely people.



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