St. Thomas cathedral’ First Holy Communion

Saturday morning: 7/10/2017. The Chaldean Cathedral of St. Thomas the Apostle, has welcomed (190) students from its parish. Who was brought to the altar of the Lord to receive their first Holy Communion? Which was celebrated with two Holy Mass that was offered by Fr. Kamal Bidawid on behalf of His Grace, Bishop Amal Nona, who was unable to attend because of his participation in the meetings of (the Synod of the Chaldean Church in Rome).

On behalf of himself, and of His Grace Bishop Amel Nona, and of all our virtue priests who attended and participated in the Holy celebration, Fr. Kamal Bidawid thanked all people who contributed in organizing this special day. He also praised on all efforts that put from parents, the Headteachers of the Holy Communion : St. Mary’s Daughters Nuns, teachers and all people who helped in preparing this special event for these children to receive their First Holy Communion,  

The ceremony was attended by many students’ families, their relatives and a large number of parishioners who participated in the holy places in an atmosphere filled with joy on this special occasion.


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