Infographic about Fr.Emanuel Khoshaba نبذه عن حياة الاب عمانوئيل خوشابا

  • Fr Emanuel Khoshaba was born in the northern Iraqi town of Zakho in 1931.
  • He has been cared by his uncle , Vicar Hanna Khoshaba , and his aunt ( Sarro ) .
  • He  entered The Shamoun Al-Safa Institute( Seminar ) in Mosul in 1944.
  • Was ordained as a priest on 29/6/1955, by placing the hand of  Patriarchal Vicar, Archbishop Suleiman Al- .Sayegh.
  • He taught in the same institution ( The Samoun Al- Safa) for two years.
  • Re-appointed by Archbishop Thomas to the Diocese of Zakho .
  • He went to the Capital City of Baghdad, where he was appointed as a teacher and head of the Religious in the Institute located at Dora outskirts.
  • He served in other locations in Baghdad as well, specially in the Orphanage of Chaldean Nuns at Suleikh suburb , where he spent more than four years of his life in service.
  • Aiming at continuing his high studies and learn the French language , He travelled to France ,and joined the Catholic Institute in Toulouse City.
  • On 13/10/1982, the Patriarch Paul 11 Sheikho has appointed him as a priest to the Chaldean Community in Melbourne/ Australia.
  • The Community at the time of his arrival did not exceed 50 families, mostly from Iran then Iraq.
  • He worked hard to help people from Iraq, who where scattered in different camps and cities of The Middle East countries after 1991 war on Iraq.
  • He helped financially the waves of arriving migrants and arranged their settlement.
  • He eye-witnessed his community growing to more than 3000 families, he served the faithful from his heart.
  • He deceaded Thursday 24/1/2019 in Melbourne- Australia 

The community will never ever forgets her father and priest.

The Community will remember him as a spiritual pioneer who worked and served Jesus Christ and his beloved church for more than three decades.

No one will forget you Father , your name has been immortalised when Fr. Kamal Warda named the newly- renovated Church Hall , after your name on 1/09/2013 , in order to commemorate and mark your zealousness ,humbleness and integrity.

May the Lord Jesus embrace your soul with His Mercy




  • ولد في مدينة زاخو سنة 1931. ومنذ صغره أهتم به عمه الخوري حنا خوشابا وعمته سرّو
  • دخل معهد شمعون الصفا الكهنوتي في الموصل سنة 1944.
  • رُسم كاهناً في الموصل بوضع يد المطران سليمان الصائغ المعاون البطريركي في 29-6-1955
  • . درّس في المعهد نفسه لمدة سنتين.
  • أعادهالمطرانتوماالرئيسإلىأبرشيةزاخوحيثمارسخدمتهالكهنوتيةفيأماكنمختلفةبحديةونشاطوأمانةوتحتظروفقاسيةأحياناًعديدة. 
  • أنتقل إلى بغداد وعُين مدرساً ورئيساً في المعهد الكهنوتي في مدينة الدورة، بغداد.
  • خدم في أماكن أخرى من بغداد. ولاسيما في ميتم الصليخ للراهبات الكلدانيات، حيث قضى في الخدمة لأكثر من 4 سنوات.
  • سافر إلى فرنسا لمواصلة دراسته العالية ولتعلم اللغة الفرنسية في المعهد الكاثوليكي بتولوز.
  • 13-10-1982 عيّنه البطريرك الراحل بولس الثاني شيخو كاهناً للجالية الكلدانية في ملبورن الأسترالية. وكانت الجالية آنذاك لا تتجاوز 50 عائلة ومن مختلف الأقطار. أما الآن فقد تجاوزت ٣٠٠٠ عائلة وهي في ازدياد مضطرد.
  • رقد على رجاء القيامة نهار الخميس ٢٤/١/٢٠١٩ في مالبورن- استراليا.

نبتهل الى الله المترحم ان يغمره بعظيم رحمته في ملكوته السماوي.

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