Hymn: Shlama

Hymn: Shlama (Peace) (سلام)#ترنيمة #شلاما
Lyrics, Melody & Solo by Dena Al-Dakak
‎كلمات وألحان وأداء: دينا الدقاق
Music by: Jean Hajjar التوزيع الموسيقي: جان حجار
‎تصوير: هلال داوود Hilal Dawood
‎ستوديو: Rennie Daniel


Ramy Tooma Rami Botani RaMo B Jirjees Sader Yousif Allen Pano Pano Peter Arabo Silvia Khoshaba Andra Pano Yvette Asi Mary Rony Marwah Yousif Raghda S Asmar Rouz Rony

The little beautiful girl Lana Samaan Fadwa Yacoub Saif Sabeah Samaan & thanks to Hikmat Nissan for participating


English subtitle:

Peace Peace Peace
Peace be among us, Peace be in our hearts, Jesus’ peace be with us
Give peace to your brother, whom sitting next to you
Give peace from all your heart, Jesus’ peace that He gave you

How can you bring yourself in front of God, with anger in your heart
How can you pray raising up your hands to God?
How can you look at your brothers & sisters without pureness in your heart?
Lord’s peace give to your brother
Peace, Rest & Love from our Lord to all creation

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