His Grace third lecture of Lent last Sunday

Deafness is illness but listening is a mission!
An impressive statement of His Grace Archbishop Nona in His third lecture (Deafness and Tongue-Tied) which was presented  Sunday third of Lent 17/3/2019 at St.Thomas Cathedral within His Grace series lectures during the season of Lent in where he gave a general idea about the condition of deafness and how it deprives the person from having right understanding and true connection with the surrounding world which leads him to be revolving alone around his oneself. His Grace then talked about the deafness and listening according to the Bible highlighting on the importance of practicing silence in our life and in our faith because through silence we listen clearly to the word of God and we become able to understand and accept the will of God in us, therefore he stated that ” Deafness is illness but Listening is a Mission” because as believers  it is fundamental for us to “Listen and work” it is our mission, as through listening to God we can open the way to the Lord to walk and work through us.


We remind you that we continue with His Grace program of Lent.

Next lecture will be held at St. Mary’s Assumption Church/ Fairfield titled (Blindness).


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