A report of the Chrity missionary to Lebanon

Under the patronage of His Grace Mar Amel Nona Archbishop of our Chaldean Diocese, and In response to the recommendations of the Chaldean Synod that encouraged to follow-up and cooperate from all other Chaldean dioceses around the world to our displaced communities in (Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon), St. Thomas Diocese of Australia and New Zealand had sent a charity missionary to Lebanon, represented by Fr. Douglas Al-Bazi, Fr. Rody Sitto and Miss Thamira Ganny for the period from (13 to 19 December 2017) in order to reflect the situation of our Christian families displaced in Lebanon, and to follow up their conditions of living, health and education, as well as providing them a financial assistance of ( $70.000 AUS), which was distributed to the poor families, especially the (widows, people with special needs, and medical aids), to give them hope and joy, especially on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, emphasizing the solicitude of our diocese for them.

During the week-long mission, our priests, in collaboration with the Salesian Priests in Beirut, visited many families, listened to their testimony about their sufferings and challenges. They also visited the Chaldean churches, where our displaced people attend, they had a pastoral tour, where they met with Bishop Michel Qasarji and some people who volunteered to help in their education.

Our prayers continue for all our people, who suffer from the difficulties and challenges of being displaced, to experience the joy of Christmas and their lives will be guided by the grace of the Lord and will enjoy stability and safety soon.

Please be adviced some videos will be uploaded later to our page and website explaining more the circumstance.

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